Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Liebert GXT2 - 700 dual conversion online UPS Special savings

Refurbups.com has secured a large inventory of Liebert GXT2 dual online conversion pure sine wave output UPS systems, and is offering fantastic deals on the 700 Volt amp system.  This professional grade unit retails for over $500.00, and for a limited time, Refurbups.com is offering these units, fully refurbished with brand new batteries, for as low as $99.99! Click to check it out- Liebert GXT2 - 700

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

PowerSWAP™ - Industry Leading UPS Battery Upgrade and Recycling Program Helps APC Symmetra PX Customers Maximize Return on Investments

RefurbUPS.com, a leading provider of power protection solutions for everything from desktops to datacenters, offers today’s most innovative battery upgrade programs for proactive UPS battery replacement in datacenter UPS systems, from leading UPS manufacturers such as APC, Eaton/PowerWare, and Liebert. RefurbUPS PowerSWAP™ is an exclusive program that allows universities, corporations, and government agencies to maximize the return on investment on existing mission critical datacenter UPS systems from APC Symmetra PX and APC Symmetra LX, to Liebert Nfinity and Eaton / Powerware 9170+.

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Friday, September 25, 2009

RefurbUPS.com's guide to protecting your aquarium

RefurbUPS.com has posted a new Power Protection Tip, aimed at anyone who has an aquarium.

Aquariums are a beautiful and entertaining hobby for a number of enthusiasts, and the exotic fish and other marine life that they support provide hours of amusement for people across the globe. From simple goldfish bowls, all the way up to built-in saltwater marine enviroments, aquariums all share some of the same needs, namely filtration and aeration, as well as heating and light

The more exotic or non-indigenous a marine species is to your local climate, the more careful testing and adjustments are required to maintain health. An aquarium is an ecosystem, and like any other ecosystem, life is a balance of competing forces in equilibrium. A drop in heat, light, filtration or aeration can quickly disrupt this delicate balance, and cause harm to your prized fish.

Read the Full Article at RefurbUPS and learn how you can protect your animals and the equipment they rely on to survive from power outages.

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Heatwaves and Windstorms stress power grids!

In these summer months, electrical demand from refrigeration and cooling needs skyrocket, and power companies struggle to meet the demand. In the past two years, a new twist has been added to this now familiar power balancing act: Wind Generation, and its unstable nature. Wind turbines have gotten much attention since the energy price surges of 2007, and each month more wind generation facilities come online, supplying clean, green power to our existing antiquated power system. So what's the catch? It's pretty fundamental - wind power ebbs and flows with the intensity of the local wind conditions at the generation facility.

Our aging power grid is most susceptible to sudden increases in load in a specific sector of the grid. The grid is really a distribution network, controlled by an enormously complex system of switches that attempt to maintain steady power levels across the system. When more power is consumed in one area, more power delivery must be directed to that sector to maintain proper operations. The same applies in reverse to power generation - when more power is created in one area, more must be transmitted away from the source to prevent overload. Recent windstorms in the northwest have demonstrated the effect of increased wind power on these distribution systems. Operators have been forced to adjust hydroelectric and nuclear power generation multiple times a day to accommodate sudden spikes in wind power generation.

The federal government has mandated that about 11 billion dollars be invested in 'smart-grid' technology to automate and improve our ability to redistribute power to meet both shifting demand, as well as shifting production. These improvements, due over the next decade, should help ward off a repeat of the northeast blackout of 2006, where a minor shutdown of a set of interstate transmission lines led to a catastrophic cascade of overloads, putting the lights out for hours for most of the east coast.

As we re-invent our energy infrastructure in the coming years, we are putting our existing grid to a new test, and we are at a new risk of blackouts. Once the lights go out, its too late to realize you are not protected.

Friday, July 17, 2009

IBM 1000T UPS by APC Blowout

RefurbUPS.Com has secured a large inventory of top quality 1000 VA IBM eServer UPSes, manufactured to IBM's specification by the industry leader, APC. The IBM1000T is based on the SUA1000 UPS platform, with the addition of a RJ45 form factor communication port in addition to the USB port. These versatile units offer enough capacity to handle a full size server, or several desktop PCs, or even POS cash register and credit card terminals. Because of our large buying power, we were able to acquire these units at a deep discount, and can pass the savings on to you in these hot summer months. CDW offers these units for around $430.00, and for a limited time while supplies last, you can buy these from RefurbUPS.Com for the low low price of 149.99!

Thursday, January 29, 2009

Instructional RBC11 Video on youtube

RefurbUPS.com continues to innovate, by using youtube videos to help APC UPS users learn to replace their UPS batteries. The first in a series of APC RBC battery replacement videos, this video demonstrates how anyone can easily install a brand new APC RBC11 battery in an APC UPS.

Thursday, December 11, 2008

PowerSwap Program for APC UPS Battery Maintenance

RefurbUPS.Com is proud to announce the rollout of our new Powerswap program for APC UPS battery replacement program for APC Symmetra, Symmetra PX, Smart-UPS RT and InfraStruXure UPS Battery Backup Systems. This new generation of APC UPS product line utilizes a modular battery pack, known as a RBC (Replacement Battery Cartridge), which can be hot swapped for a new battery unit, consisting of a battery enclosure and harness, and sealed lead acid batteries. Buying new RBCs is reccomended by the manufacturer every 2-3 years for optimal performance, but that can really get expensive. The team at RefurbUPS.Com designed our groundbreaking Powerswap Program to help mitigate those excess costs, and keep your UPS system running at optimal levels. The problem with buying new RBCs from APC is that the only component that needs to be replaced is the battery component, the enclosure and harness are still fine. Buying a whole new RBC means you are paying for the enclosure and harness, on top of the battery, and also adding to landfills with your original enclosure. Similar to automotive 'core' swap programs, the PowerSwap program allows us to ship you RBCs with brand new batteries in them, in durable, reusable packaging, so you can return your failed RBC enclosures to us for refurbishing, and saves you the expense of buying a new enclosure on top of your new batteries. Not only will you save money on the enclosure, but also you will benefit from RefurbUPS.Com's market leading battery inventory. We offer great prices on top quality sealed lead acid solutions for all UPS battery applications, and PowerSwap is no exception. Revitalize, Restore, Recycle - PowerSwap your APC UPS sytems today!